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Tharu Farming Virtual Tour

Thakudwara, Nepal


45 minutes


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The countryside surrounding Bardia National Park is for 50% inhabited by the indigenous Tharu people. They were the first people to cultivate the land and even today they mainly live on agriculture. During this virtual tour on Zoom, your local Tharu guide takes you live on a walk through the countryside rice and wheatfields and they will tell you all about their farming methods and agricultural produce, fishing and livestock farming. From mid June till mid July this virtual tour will cover the process of planting rice!


  • A walk on the countryside along rice, wheat and cornfields with your local host.
  • Watch the traditional methods of agricultural and livestock farming
  • Learn about the crops they grow.
  • Ask your questions directly!
  • Support a local expert and his community

Your local host

Your guides for this tour are:

  • Manmohan Chaudary or
  • Balkrishna Tharu

They are both born and raised in Bardiya and are from a Tharu family themselves. They love to share their knowledge with you.


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Very Good
Experience Nepal online


We really enjoyed going on this tour. Learning about farming and the tools used, watching the landscape and the animals was a great experience. All our questions were answered at once. Sometimes the transmission was a bit unsteady and wobbly. However, I would strongly recommend the tour for everybody who wants to get an insight into life and living conditions in the Terai in Nepal.
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Tharu Farming Tour

A virtual tour in real time. Like I was there! Never realized that planting rize was so intensive. The tour gives a good impression of the proces and farming. The guide has a lot of knowledge. I can recommend you to book this tour or book another tour to experience the daily live.
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Mieke Simons


Almost real Farming Tour

The Farming Tour I did was virtual, but was close to reality. I know this area but never was there in the hot wet summertime. So I could never see the harvest of the rice. This was a new view to me and the guide was telling in detail what happened. I put questions and within one minute they ware answered. As I know from reality the guides are very gentle and hospital. I am going to do another tour and hope more and more people will.
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Experience Nepal online

Mark en Lisenka


Tharu Farming Virtual Tour

It was an interesting and beautiful tour over the rice fields. The guide told us several things about these fields, like processing and the farmers. You see the locals working on the field. A good impression of the daily life in Nepal. It's a very nice idea to book this virtual tour.
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Tharu farming

The tour really shows you the agriculture live and how intensive it is to Make the ground to be prepared before the rice plants can be planted and above all it Will be Rice as we know The tour really shows you the intensive way and hard work of the people It was worth seeing And the guides are doing a good job to show the local live in Bardia It would be Nice to see the harvest time
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