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Your impact

78% of the revenue goes straight to the hosts and community’s. The remaining 22% helps us to cover our work and pay the taxes.

Impact MyNepal.online

The virtual tours and classes give guides and other experts, like cooks, the possibility to generate an income and support their families. In addition, during a virtual tour guides can continue to share their knowledge and passion with travelers and thus maintain their skills (English, knowledge) and develop new skills (e.g. presentation and computer skills).

Almost 80% of every euro you spend goes straight to the hosts and community.


Due to the impact of the lock down most of the guides have lost their income. On the platform of MyNepal.online they can offer their virtual tours and generate income. 58% of the tour price goes straight to the hosts and is comparable to a full regular income.


Not only the guides have lost their income. Most of the Nepalese who are working in tourism lost their full or partly income, for example a driver or housekeeping. We want to support them too. We spend 20% of the tour price to the local community’s.

Office & marketing

The cost we make to run and improve the platform, promote it and train the local hosts.

Realized impact until July 2020

Payment hosts

The hosts have received the payments (58%) for the virtual tours and classes for the months of June and July.

Contribution community

The hosts decided to share the contribution (20%) with all the team members, like the drivers and cleaning lady for the months of June and July.

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