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Why become a local host

Generate an income

Generate an (additional) income for you by sharing the beauty of your country

Share your passion

Share your passion with travellers around the world

Develop new skills

Maintain your skills and develop new skills

Who we are

MyNepal.online wants to connect Nepalese locals, who are working in tourism, online with travelers who feel connected with or want to experience Nepal virtually.

MyNepal.online is a social and involved company with an extensive network within local communities in Nepal. We want to inspire local experts to share their knowledge and passion and develop their skills by offering virtual tours and virtual classes. In this way locals can connect with travelers who want to experience Nepal, learn about nature and culture and feel involved in supporting the local communities.

On the platform MyNepal.online we offer virtual tours and classes from local hosts in Nepal.

Work of a local host

As a local host of MyNepal.online you connect online during a virtual tour or virtual class with travelers from all over the world. With great enthusiasm you share your knowledge and passion on a specific subject in which you are an expert.

Your job is to present yourself and tell your story in front of the camera. In meanwhile, you answer the questions of the customers live. An average tour lasts 45-60 minutes.

You create an idea for a virtual tour or class and design the content. You arrange all other things to offer your services, like pictures and description of your tour to promote your tour on our platform and organize the technical devices.

Once the tour or class is ready you manage your own planning availability. You share this in time with MyNepal.online.

On the platform MyNepal.online we offer virtual tours and classes from local hosts in Nepal.

What makes you a good host?

  • You have experience as a tourist guide in Nepal

  • You followed successfully a guide training / cooking training or other training in your specific field.

  • You are an expert in a specific field in the area where you live or work (for example city guide, nature guide, Hindu culture, Buddhism, cooking, language, art)

  • You can communicate (oral and written) in English fluently

  • You know how to connect and to interact with foreigners

  • You have good organizational and time management skills and know how to solve problems.

  • You have a co-host you can work with and who has experience with recording videos.

  • You are very flexible with your working hours

  • You know how to use different apps (e-mail, whatsApp) on your smartphone and preferable you have experience with recording videos.

  • You have a smartphone with a high resolution camera.

  • You have access to a stable internet connection (4G network)

  • If you want to organize a class you need to have a laptop and access to stable wifi

You have a great idea and want to sign up?


Fill in the application form on the website

Fill in the application form on the website and send us a short video in which you present yourself and your idea (maximum duration 2 minutes).


Review your idea

After your submission we will review your idea and we will contact you within one week.


Online interview

If we are even inspired and enthusiastic as you are about your idea, we will arrange a short online interview with you.


Formal documents

If we agree to sell your virtual on the platform MyNepal.online, you will receive an agreement and code of conduct.


On-boarding training

Welcome! You will follow an online on-boarding training in which you learn:

  • mission and vision of MyNepal.online
  • how to design a tour
  • how to present yourself during a tour
  • how to interact with customers during a tour
  • how to use / set-up a zoom meeting
  • administration


Let’s start

We will help you to upload your tour or class and start the promotion.

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