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Royal Mountain Travel, a Nepal based sustainable tour operator established in 2005, is a community of travel experts dedicated to preserving local culture and environment to deliver authentic and meaningful vacation to travellers travelling in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. We work with travel agents and companies to help them build customized trips for their clientele.

Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

Insights of Kathmandu Durbar Square – a virtual walk

2 Reviews

Bhaktapur, Nepal

Medieval and majestic Bhaktapur: a virtual experience

4 Reviews


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From your couch to Kathmandu

On a Sunday morning me and a group of friends logged into a zoom-call with our guide Narayan. Even tough we were thousands of kilometers away we were teleported right into the middle of Durbar Square. Experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city of Kathmandu, seeing temples and getting interesting insights to the city. Thanks a lot to our guide Narayan who made this short trip quite memorable! All the best!
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Wonderful tour of a wonderful city

It's been ten years since I've been to Kathmandu and I absolutely loved the opportunity to see it again - albeit virtually. Narayan ist a great guide, leading you through the busy streets, telling great stories, and letting you soak in the atmosphere of Durbar Square. The audio and video quality is great - not perfect - but very impressive for a live stream from thousands of kilometres away. And in case you were wondering - the tour is really live so we basically went for a Valentine's Day stroll through Kathmandu - pretty memorable!
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Marinus Kasteleijn

I was never in Bhaktapur and was interested  in the highlights . The host was oke, but the camera was in my opinion not professional. It is difficult to film  when there is a sun at the sky, so the the camera man should prepare  before his place for filming. In the street you did not see the houses because at the end of the street there was the light of the sun . I think that if there are 4 squares you should show them ( prepare a short film???)  My advice: make the visitor curious by showing as much as possible ( details) for nothing is better than the real experience 
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Great tour

Monica the tou is great. You really show us the nice places to see in Bhaktapur. I now realise wat i missed earlier this year when i was there fore one day. As soon as we can travel again i will visit the places you show. You told and show us a lot of interresting things and the interaction also was very good. We could ask any questions we want and you answered them after you we're finished with you're story and that i appriciatted. Keep on going and thank you for the nice walk in Bhaktapur.
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Prachtig tour!

Een mooie wandeling door Bhaktapur gemaakt. Vorig jaar hebben wij daar zelf gelopen en nu voelde het of je daar weer aanwezig was. Alle hoogte punten weer gezien en goed uitgelegd en weer gegeven. Voor herhaling vatbaar! Namaste!

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